The Winning Combination

Easter is coming and we are looking forward to welcoming back The Incredibles for another visit to the Blackpool Easter Hockey festival. Festival weekend is one of our favourite weekends here at The Fylde International Hotel as we have been lucky enough to accommodate two sets of winners in the last few years. We have been asked what the winning combination is; I suppose this could be a trade secret!

We pride ourselves in providing the perfect base for a challenging few days in Blackpool. A comfy lounge becomes overcrowded with muddy hockey players after a cold day on the pitch. Time to reflect, relax and team talk for the past and forthcoming matches. The tactical team talk is always accompanied by a well-deserved cuppa or in the case of previous winners (The Buckfast Bandits) a chilled bottle to help numb the bruises. A well-stocked first aid kit, a crate of deep heat and a bag of ice will always be waiting on their return. A quick power nap in one of our comfy beds and a hot shower to rinse the mud starts the preparation for the fantastic social programme organised by Blackpool Easter Hockey Festival.

One of the main factors needed for a winning hockey team is a washing machine! There is nothing better than wearing a freshly laundered Persil kit to give you the motivation to win. The kit bag is normally banished to the shed by the final! An early morning match means a full and healthy breakfast is needed. A full Monty cooked breakfast with lashings of tea and fresh coffee is always the way to start a day, or the healthy option of Buckfast for Banbridge Hockey Club! The Easter bunny also makes an appearance at brekkie with some chocolate treats!

A sense of humour never goes a miss, playing the odd practical joke always go down well! For example in the instance where the Banbridge goalkeeper missed his flight we were informed that he would be on a later flight, his team mates asked us if we could answer the door to him and tell him the hotel had been overbooked and his team mates had moved to a hotel several miles away and could he take the kit bag! You always know who your friends are when they burst into laughter at his distraught face! The stories could go on but then the secret would be out the bag. Fingers crossed we will be home to the winners of 2013!!!

By Vicky

General Manager
The Fylde International Hotel
Palatine Road Blackpool