Pinch punch, it’s the first of the month!

Today marks 16 days to go until #BHF2014 and activity surrounding the Festival is gathering pace!

With it being 1st April,  we thought we would have a little fun at the expense of the rest of the committee. You may or may not be aware that BHF2014 marks the Festival President and Chairman, George Robson’s 50th attendance.

To celebrate, many of the articles in the programme have been crafted around this special event and also lots of other surprises have been put in place during Easter weekend.

The idea, originally George’s might I add, was to send an email to all committee members, to ‘come clean’, with the thought that this year was in fact only his 49th attendance and that he had miscalculated! George however could not bring himself to play such a mean trick on the Committee, which if had been true, would mean panic stations for many of us! Neverfear Dave and Simon decided to send it anyway.

For your amusement here is the email:

Dear All,

I have been wrestling with a problem for some days now, wondering whether I should come clean or be dishonest and say nothing. I’ve finally resolved to tell the truth.

I came across a fellow who was with my college squad when we first came to the Festival. He assures me (and I’ve checked up as thoroughly as I can) that it was not 1965 but 1966. This means that this year is my 49th attendance, not my fiftieth.

It would be duplicitous for us to go ahead and mark what isn’t my Jubilee. So sadly I must ask that all arrangements/references re. myself be put on hold until Festival 2015.

I cannot tell you how desperate I feel to reveal this and it is asking a lot for you to forgive me. Maybe I should just disappear from the Festival(s).

Just so sorry…


Needless to say there were a few interesting responses that will remain unpublished!

Have you played a April Fools joke on someone in the Hockey Family today? Let us know by leaving a comment below…