DYABAS entered Blackpool Easter Hockey Festival for the first time in 1971 and have been there with players ever since. We have won the festival three times in 1979, 1983 and 1986 and finished second in 1982 and 1987. We were also involved in 1985, but the winners award was not presented that year.

Our name came from the Dyes they used to make at ICI Grangemouth, well that is the nice version! In reality it is actually a war cry saying “DY YA BASS” but we shortened it simply to DYABAS. We won the Blackpool Centenary Trophy in 1983 for being the most helpful team or group and the Bunny Wain trophy in 1996 in our 25th year of attendance. Since then, we have had our ups and downs and have been in the top four for a few years. However, we were the first team to win the festival three times since records were kept!!

We are a well-known team and started with players from ICI Grangemouth in Scotland and have progressed to players from all parts of the world. The main base of players is still from the Central belt of Scotland and it is now Falkirk GHG HC that supply most (it’s just next door to Grangemouth, but the Grangemouth team merged). 

We have stalwarts that rarely miss Blackpool like Fudgie, Staffy, and various others. Our adopted players from Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland and the other countries drop in and out over various years and we can have a weak squad or a strong squad. But we are NEVER stuck and I have seen us turn up 5 minutes before a game with two players and we would always have eleven to start the game as we always get volunteers from the watching spectators. 

One of our biggest achievements away from the hockey, and there are many, is when we had a top round of £202.85 in 2009 at the Cricket Club. We do enjoy ourselves at the festival and drink like there is no tomorrow as most participants will know if they have seen us, but we like to play hockey and want to win our games. The place you will find us will be in the Cricket Club or the nearest pub to the Astro.

We have a ‘fine system’ for every player, just check out our rules at the festival to see what we mean!! We do have our own song, which is “Hi Ho Silver Lining” by Jeff Beck, with some words changed, as mentioned by Umpire Peter MacLellan last year, “DY DY DYABASSS” and others. Talking about umpires, we fine anybody that talks back to any umpire, carded or moans as we always have to be happy. The umpires know this and send off players to boost our soup fund for the Sunday night!

We really enjoy the Festival, well we must do as this is our 43rd year!

Chris Taylor
Current Team Organiser