How #BHF2014 was won – Mixed

With the completion of the round robin games on Sunday, previous BHF Mixed winners Bladders (Atherstone Adders HC), found themselves sitting at the top of the league table setting up a semi-final tie against QUB Elite (Queen’s University Belfast HC). QUB, on their BHF debut, finished in fourth position, only just securing their semi-final spot after a close run in of their final games on Sunday.

Despite Bladders BHF history, it was the Ulster students who came out on top in semi-final 1 with a comfortable 2-0 win.

In semi-final 2, The Jamaican Hopscotch Mafia (Burton HC), also making their debut sailed past FB’s Boys (Wisbech HC) with a 5-1 victory booking their place in the Final.

This set up a Mixed final with two BHF newcomers, making a winner difficult to predict.

Described as one of the closest games on play-off Monday, the game was action packed with end to end attacking play. QUB Elite drew first blood by scoring very early on, with Burton eventually forcing a defensive error with two minutes to go. The equaliser coming from a cross deflected in at the back post by Burton’s unmarked Ben Elson.

With the game finishing 1-1, the 2014 title would be decided by penalty shuffles from the 23 metre line. Each team would have 3 each, with a sudden death shuffle to follow if still no result.

After the first set of three shuffles, the scores were tied at 1-1 meaning sudden death!

After two sudden death shuffles each there was still no winner. On the third, Burton had the honours and went first, but failed to score.

All that was left, was for QUB to convert. Shimmying from strong side to reverse side, the QUB youngster hit a cool reverse stick shot through the Burton goalkeeper’s legs.


QUB Elite were crowned the Blackpool Easter Hockey Festival Mixed Champions 2014