We are not men, we are Queen’s.

Queen’s University Hockey Club was formed on the 19th September 1898 and has had a rich history of international players come through the ranks including Jimmy Kirkwood and Terry Greg, both of whom have represented Great Britain.

The strength of the team is dependent on the influx of ‘freshers’ each year so the team can vary greatly year on year. Queen’s have won the Irish Senior Cup on three occasions, most recently in the season of 1980-81. We have also won the Anderson Cup on three occasions and the Linden Cup twice.

Enough of the boring history. Queen’s is a University and so is obviously a social club with a few hockey players. There is a ranking system within the club; when players join for the first year they are freshers and have to complete certain tasks in order to become veterans for the following season. Feel free to ask some of the guys what these tasks may be, but don’t expect too many details due to legal reasons!

Obviously some players are more social than others and one name springs to mind, let’s just call him Player X. Now Player X is infamous around Belfast and girls actively run away from him, so here are some his finer moments. He joined QUB in 2010 and was bright eyed and bushy tailed and having no idea what was ahead of him. Since joining, he has fallen asleep at a petrol pump and in a bush, he has been deported from the Republic of Ireland and he has vomited on more girls than he’s pulled.

I just hope that this side of Player X doesn’t come out over the next few days…but if it does I can only apologise.

We are not men, we are Queen’s.