2019 Fixtures are now LIVE!

We are pleased to announce that fixtures for #BlackpoolHF 2019 are now LIVE.

The biggest change you will find is the pitch layout and locations. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will have two 7-a-side Astros at the Sports Centre and a full size 11-a-side grass pitch in the Sports Arena. There will be no hockey played at the Cricket Club this year.

Games from Friday to Sunday will continue to be 15 minutes one way, with the first games commencing at 11:00 (lie in!) and last games finishing at 17:30/18:00. Playoff games on Monday are 25 minutes one way, as per last year. Depending on success teams will play a total of 17/19 games over the full weekend.

There are Quarter-Finals again year, enabling more teams to compete for a spot in the Final. These will be played on Monday morning.

Wet Weather

In the event of bad weather, preventing play on the Grass Pitch, Astro A & Astro B will be converted into three 7-a-side pitches. Once the Grass pitch is playable then the normal schedule will resume. Two end zones, 16 metres from the base line will replace normal circles. You can only score from within the end zone.

We encourage you to feedback to committee members over the course of the Festival regarding your playing experience.