Honours Board

Festival Men’s Winners
Festival Mixed Winners
Festival Ladies Winners
Bunny Wain Trophy – Awarded by the Umpires for fair play, on and off the field!.
Blackpool Centenary Trophy – Presented to those who have made a major contribution to the Festival.

Festival Men’s Winners

The Festival was played as friendlies only, until 1969.

Year Team Name Club
2019 Not Played
2018 Not Played
2017 Dyabas Falkirk HC
2016 Purple Cobra UK Armed Forces U25 HC
2015 Colour Purple Combined Services HA
2014 Swins Stags Richmond HC
2013 Colour Purple Combined Services HA
2012 Lads Sausage Bedford HC
2011 Lads Sausage Bedford HC
2010 Colour Purple Combined Services HA
2009 Buckfast Bandits Banbridge HC (NI)
2008 Colour Purple Combined Services HA
2007 Colour Purple Combined Services HA
2006 Coy Boys City of York HC
2005 Colour Purple Combined Services HA
2004 B.O.B.’s Birmingham University Old Boys
2003 Wally Polly St. Albans HC
2002 Who R They Heywood HC
2001 Disillusioned Aardvarks Touring Team
2000 Shared: Bernard/Disillusioned Aardvarks Nottingham Trent University HC/Touring Team
1999 Odyssey Lewes HC/Brighton Poly OB’s
1998 Yorkshire Stags Ben Rhydding/Brookland HC
1997 Disillusioned Aardvarks Touring Team
1996 Bernard Nottingham Trent University HC
1995 Disillusioned Aardvarks Touring Team
1994 Shared: Baker’s Dozen/Rancid Racoon Bandits Nottingham Trent University HC/York Civil Service HC
1993 Grape Tonkers Melton Mowbray HC
1992 Pink Gorillas Bury St Edmunds
1991 Yorkshire Huzzars Yorkshire Civil Service HC
1990 Disillusioned Aardvarks Touring Team
1989 Durham Lions County Side
1988 Minster Men York University Old Buys
1987 Pheasant Pluckers Spalding HC
1986 Dyabas ICI Grangemouth HC
1985 No result
1984 Bo’ness Bo’ness Recreation Centre HC
1983 Dyabas ICI Grangemouth HC
1982 Young Muslims Manchester
1981 Stags Standard HC
1980 Chequers Sheffield Bankers HC
1979 Dyabas ICI Grangemouth HC
1978 Chequers Sheffield Bankers HC
1977 Adel Leeds Adel HC
1976 Virgins Nuneaton HC
1975 Folkstone Pessimists Folkstone HC
1974 South Shields South Shields HC
1973 Magpies Shifnal HC
1972 No result
1971 Temperance XI Brooklands HC
1970 Huntingdon Huntingdon HC
1969 Solihull College Solihull College HC

Festival Mixed Winners

First played at the Festival in 1987.

Year Team Name Club
2019 Hampton Red Cox Hampton-in-Arden HC
2018 Wish You Were Beer Macclesfield HC
2017 Team Panthera Touring Team
2016 The Jamaican Hopscotch Mafia Burton HC
2015 The Jamaican Hopscotch Mafia Burton HC
2014 QUB Elite Queens University Belfast HC
2013 The Weigh Anchors Maltese Olympic Touring Team
2012 Sheps Little Kids Wisbech HC
2011 Bladders Atherstone Adders HC
2010 Drunken Munkeys & Cheeky Chimps Blackpool HC
2009 Bladders Atherstone Adders HC
2008 FAME Fylde & Manchester Met University
2007 Go Commando Lytham St. Annes HC
2006 L.S.A Lytham St. Annes HC
2005 L.S.A Lytham St. Annes HC
2004 Merry Bisexuals Nottingham Trent University Medics HC
2003 Fast Breeders Springfields HC
2002 F.U.B.A.R Peterborough Hospital
2001 All Saints Touring Team
2000 Pinkies & Winkies Touring Team
1999 Hornets Bury St Edmunds HC
1998 Pebbles Stone HC
1997 Pebbles Stone HC
1996 Super Heroes In Training Charles Keene HC
1995 Hornets Bury St Edmunds HC
1994 Hornets Bury St Edmunds HC
1993 Hornets Bury St Edmunds HC
1992 Scanky Tarts Wednesbury HC
1991 Fast Breeders Springfields HC
1990 Fast Breeders Springfields HC
1989 Fast Breeders Springfields HC
1988 Fast Breeders Springfields HC
1987 Belvoir Bandits Egerton Park HC

Festival Women’s Winners

First played at the Festival in 1997.

Year Team Name Club
2019 Not Played
2018 Not Played
2017 Not Played
2016 The Mavericks Durham University Old Girls HC
2015 The Real Housewives of Surrey Woking HC
2014 Knockers Cannock HC
2013 Topsey Turvys Northop Hall Ladies HC
2012 Pretty Skilful On & Off The Pitch Matlock Baileans HC
2011 Club Tropicanna Watsonians Ladies HC
2010 Too Posh To Wash Longridge HC
2009 Knockers Cannock HC
2008 Cub Scouts Lytham St. Annes HC
2007 Granite City Wanderers Granite City Wanderers
2006 M.Y.O.B.B Wilmslow HC
2005 Anderson’s Adventurers Royal Logistic Corps
2004 Cloggers Cleckheaton HC
2003 Keeled Over Keele University Old Girls HC
2002 Polly’s Posse Bury St. Edmunds HC
2001 Rock Hard Stonkers Mariners HC
2000 Sex On Legs Paviours HC
1999 Morpeth Girlies Morpeth HC
1998 Giffnock Int. Touring Team Giffnock/Hutchesons HC
1997 Witches of Eastcote Eastcote HC

Bunny Wain Trophy

Awarded by the Umpires for fair play, on and off the field!

Year Team Name Club
2019 Medistap First Aid Festival First Aid Team
2018 Dicks with Sticks & Gays and Dolls Leeds University HC Medics and Dentists
2017 Boozarinas Touring Team (Germany)
2016 Work in Progress Macclesfield HC
2015 Queens Campers Queens University OTC HC
2014 The Incredibles Touring Team
2013 Shaw’s Stag Do Doncaster HC
2012 Hockily Ever After Macclesfield HC
2011 Smurfs On Tour Writtle College HC
2010 Fillers & Feelers Leeds University Medics & Dentists HC
2009 Tubes Kirkcaldy HC
2008 Wally Polly St Albans HC
2007 Old Johnny Knoxvilles York St John’s University Old Boys HC
2006 Drunken Dragons Rhyl HC
2005 Emma Lions Emmanuel College, Cambridge University HC
2004 Stelios Tours Liverpool Sefton HC

Blackpool Centenary Trophy

Presented to those who have made a major contribution to the Festival. Trophy provided by Blackpool Borough Council and first presented in 1976.

Year Recipent
2019 Angela Duffy
2018 Dave Pope
2017 Domonic Chadwick
2016 Walkabout
2015 Chris Brady
2014 David Cresswell
2013 Club Sanuk
2012 Clive & Christine Dennis
2011 Leeds Medics & Dentists HC
2010 Blackpool Sports Centre
2009 Peter MacLellan
2008 Ross Anderson
2007 John & Mary Bosworth
2006 The Umpires
2005 Keith Jones
2004 Blackpool Cricket Club
2003 Mike Casey
2002 Kevin Fish
2001 Peter Danson
2000 George Robson
1999 Leeds Universtiy, Medics & Dentists HC
1998 Jen & Mike Danson
1997 St. John Ambulance Brigade
1996 Blackpool Hoteliers
1995 National Westminister Bank
1994 Blackpool Borough Council
1993 The Hughes Family
1992 The Umpires
1991 Steve Kennedy
1990  The Danson Family
1989 Anne Johnson & Josie Baker
1988 Trophy not awarded
1987 Malcolm Walker
1986 Stallions
1985 Bill Hamner
1984 Tim Oddy
1983 Dyabas
1982 Carpetbaggers
1981 Bunny Wain
1980 Ken Mathews
1979 Jack Mangham
1978 St. John Ambulance Brigade
1977 Blackpool Cricket Club
1976 York Trojans