Below is a list of teams registered for this year:


Name Club Colour
Bladders Atherstone HC TBC
Dicks With Sticks Leeds Medics & Dentists HC Multicoloured
Gee Force Touring Team Multicoloured
Helensburgh Beerhunters Helensburgh HC Dark Grey
Helensburgh Ginhunters Helensburgh HC Dark Grey
Rainbow Chickenistas UEA HC TBC
Seshield Sheffield HC Red
Szechuan Dragons Morpeth HC TBC
TBC (Bridlington HC) Bridlington HC TBC
TBC (Bury HC) Bury HC Black
TBC (Castletown HC) Castletown HC TBC
TBC (University of York HC) University of York HC TBC
TBC 1 (Leeds Adel HC) Leeds Adel HC TBC
TBC 1 (Macclesfield HC) Macclesfield HC TBC
TBC 2 (Leeds Adel HC) Leeds Adel HC TBC
TBC 2 (Macclesfield HC) Macclesfield HC TBC
Wagon Wheelers Touring Team TBC
Youngstars Touring Team TBC