George Robson

President & Chairman

Although a County darts player from his mid-teens and also a notable Bridge player, George found the time to take up hockey at Durham University in the mid-1960s. He became passionate for the sport and on graduation joined Morpeth H.C. (Northumberland). Having visited the Blackpool Festival with his college in both 1965 and 1966, George organised a squad from Morpeth for many years thereafter. His commitment to what he always calls The Magic that is Blackpool resulted in his being invited to become both Festival President and Chairman in 1991.

David Gee


This is Dave’s 4th year as Festival Secretary and he is loving every minute. Watching the committee grow from strength to strength, with new faces added each time we meet, is the most important aspect behind the scenes. However, it’s the ‘front of house’ changes that give him the most satisfaction! When he took over, his aim was always to develop the social side of the Festival and he hopes you all enjoy the changes that have been made. Captaining Gee Force and either playing or coaching, hockey is never far from his thoughts. He sends a warm welcome to all our regulars, but more importantly to all the new or returning teams…especially those from across the water!

Simon Allen

Situation Manager

Hailing from Banbridge in Northern Ireland, Simon has been working in England since graduating in Graphic Design in 2009. He is responsible for the rebranding of the Festival in 2012 and continues to dedicate his time to producing a more professional looking BHF. Simon, always wary of a “situation” occurring is ever reliable and the only person to do any work during the Festival weekend. He is there to pick up the mess created by a frantic Dave, pissed Debs and paralytic Warrick!

Gemma Jones

Umpire Manager

Gem has been a vital cog in the Blackpool Hockey Festival machine for a decade and like a fine wine she has only got better with age. Her rich fruity personality is key while she takes on the role of umpire manager keeping the umpires going on those cold rainy Easter days when we’d all rather be in bed. In her spare time Gem specialises in Gemology and recently received a doctorate in Gems. She is first to dish out as many fines as possible (mostly to lefty!) Gem is also a national league umpire and has most recently been to the European indoors to umpire at the highest level. This doesn’t necessarily mean she is right. But just like Gok Wan says “it’s all about the confidence” remember to stay on her good side to avoid those tangerine cards… at the end of the day you wouldn’t want her getting short with you!!! #NoDave

Alex Diver

Fixtures Secretary / Problem Solver

Being a Sandgrownun (meaning from Blackpool), This will be Alex’s 17th Festival, having donned a Velvet Jacket back in 2001 for the Blackpool Men’s Team. Having taken a self-imposed sabbatical from hockey in the previous season, Diver is looking to step back onto the pitch at the festival (though has been advised to avoid going into school teacher mode when umpiring by the soon to be wife)

Debs Huyton

Crew Nurse

Debs is a vital cog in the BHF crew. She has recently been presented with the award of “Nurse of the Earth” and it has been quoted that she is the ‘Mother Teresa’ of her generation! You will usually find Debs in the middle of a drinking circle surrounded by people she hasn’t met before but you can guarantee she will make them feel like they’ve been friends for life! Her favourite night of the festival is, without doubt, the Sunday fancy dress. The night is a real celebration of all things tour with some unforgettable memories to be created. “Being part of the festival committee has been a fantastic experience and I am hoping that the festival will grow even bigger and better in the future! Hope all involved have a great weekend, but remember…What goes on tour, goes on Facebook!!”

Warrick Laverick


Warrick joined the committee after being roped in by Dave and Debs whilst on tour in East London dressed as a fried egg. He first toured in Blackpool with Bladders HC in 2011 winning the mixed competition. He hasn’t missed tour since and more recently has been organising a team from his Club Hampton in Arden. “The Easter festival is the talk of our hockey club all season. Remembering stories and sharing memories with the hockey family.” Away from Hockey Warrick enjoys frequent rounds of golf and can be found playing cricket in the summer months. Warrick is hoping to bring a wealth of touring experience to the committee along with a variety of consuming games! Tour is a 5 day event…WE GO AGAIN!!!!

Clive Dennis


Clive has been around BHF for more years than he cares to remember, firstly as an umpire and then as joint umpire manager with Pete MacLellan, and finally having a go himself with help from the other umpires. He looks forward to another great festival.

Dom ‘Daisy’ Chadwick

Team Registrations & Score Centre

Dom is currently taking a sabbatical from playing hockey due to a broken neck but has instead taken up wheelchair rugby or murderball as it is also known! His affiliation with BHF goes back 15+ years as he used to play for Blackpool Hockey Club and the mighty Gee Force Barmy Army! Now Dom helps out with team registration and score centre.